Looking for a place to "keep it all together"?

We know it can be a challenge to keep your financial records centralized, updated and secure. And it is essential to have a resource for your family members in case you become hospitalized or incapacitated and when settling your estate. We have developed the Werth Wealth Planning Family Resource Binder to alleviate survivor stress and confusion by providing a repository for the following:

  • Directory of emergency contacts and professional relationships
  • Record of key documents and their locations
  • List of life insurance, employee benefits and retirement plans
  • Medical history, prescriptions and plan coverage
  • Document your pets and who you would like to care for them
  • List of bank accounts, outstanding liabilities and a credit card inventory
  • Online accounts, subscriptions and passwords
  • Digital device inventory
  • Family history, memories, heirlooms
  • Final arrangement wishes and action plan

The Family Resource Binder is available to Werth Wealth Planning Clients upon request or by downloading here or by clicking the image below. You can also complete the information online and download the finished pages individually or as a whole. We suggest you keep this in a secure location and that you let family members know about this important resource. 

Designating wishes within this document does not take the place of a Will and Testament. It is prudent to review your estate planning strategy approximately every five years to ensure the proper, legal documents are in place to execute your wishes.